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Toko attended Shangrala Healing Centre to see Clyde Hughes after I spent a stressful number of months researching the breed and looking for causes that may have affected his loss and discoloration of coat. In the main most indications pointed to a condition known as ‘Alopecia X’ which is commonly found in stressful dogs.

Clyde and his spirit guides uncovered some enlightening indicators that could have resulted in Toko’s loss of coat.

Toko has been visiting Clyde Hughes at Shangrala healing centre for just under 12 months he has become far less stressed and fearful exhibiting more confidence and generally a happier dog in all aspects.
His coat has and is improving due to the support we have had from Clyde and his healing sessions.

I have been so impressed by the results with Toko that I have also had Clyde assess and provide healing for two of my other dogs.
A good friend advised I seek this type of alternative healing for my dogs I am so pleased I did.
I would highly recommend others to take their animals to see Clyde Hughes atToko 2 Jan 16toke

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My name is Dr Clyde Hughes and I am an experienced healer based in Swansea, South Wales in the UK.

If you have found my website via this blog please take a look around. I provide a wide range of healing and spiritual treatments including distant healing for people and pets who are unable to travel to my Shangrala Healing Centre.