Testimonials – People

Healing Testimonials (People)

Below are just a few examples of the feedback from healing I have received from my clients.   I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to write. Here, in their own words, are some real life experiences of my healing.

Vianna Stibal. Founder of Theta Healing. A Healer, Teacher and Author

“Clyde you are an amazing healer, always shine ” Love Vianna.

Jack Stewart. Healer, Author Teacher TV Radio Presenter

“Clyde you are probably one of the most intuitive healers i have met”

Distance Healing

“I settled on a phone healing session with Clyde due to distance.  I did not know what to expect but found his gentleness, compassion and skill enabled him to quickly “see” where I was hurting physically and emotionally and to help me.  I hope to have more treatments with Clyde in the future”.  Kath B.

Healing for Gallstones

“The first impact of receiving healing is how totally relaxed and peaceful I felt every time I received healing from Clyde. It felt as if all the stress, worry and confusion that I was feeling at the time was ‘lifted’ from me. I always felt totally rested and at ease with myself during the healing session and for hours afterwards.  The second impact was the warmth from Clyde’s hands. It felt like I had a hot water bottle laying on the area that Clyde was healing. I always felt this whether Clyde’s hands were actually touching me or just hovering about the area.  The most amazing feeling was one of movement inside the area of healing. When Clyde was giving me healing to my knees I used to actually feel movement inside the joint, which was not uncomfortable or painful.  When I was having healing for my gallstones I actually felt a popping experience. I can only describe this as being similar to bubbles being popped in quick succession inside my stomach. This probably isnt the best description but it is something which, unless you have experienced it, is impossible to explain. Lastly but probably most importantly was the after effects of healing which was that the pain would actually go away and stay away for days.  Also the feeling of peace and relaxation would last for days.”  Jaci Matthews

Clyde explains further: “Jaci came to me for healing while awaiting surgery for gallstones. Her original scans showed 50 gallstones.  During her treatments she could feel popping sensations in her stomach. Later scans showed that only 25 gallstones remained as the others had ‘turned to dust’.  The doctors were unable to explain how this had happened.”

Help with Difficult Times

“I would like to say a big thank you to Clyde for helping both myself and my Mother.  We’ve been through a difficult time and with Clyde’s help we have become stronger and feel we are able to look to the future.  I would recommend spiritual healing to everybody. Thank you.”  Lisa & Ruth Jones

Healing for a Child

“My grandson has been through a difficult time – for someone so young he has encountered a lot of suffering.  Through Clyde the spirits have healed his soul and are helping him to get his life back together.  He is 7 years old so this is an important time.  I am so grateful we have found someone like Clyde that we can trust to help us. “ Jan

Healing for a Bad Back & Sore Shoulders

“My first visit was last month. Wow. Clyde found all my problems. I suffer with a lot of back pain and sore shoulders.  I did not tell Clyde of these problems but he found them and worked on these areas. The heat off his hands was such a relief.  They say about ‘healing hands’ well let me tell you that Clyde has healing hands. For a couple of days the pain was unbearable but then on the fourth day there was so much relief. I couldn’t explain how but the pain had been erased. Definitely recommend it to anyone and I will be back next month. Thank you.” Rhiannon Jones

General Healing

“I have visited Clyde for now for 3 months and it has become an addiction! Every time spiritually and physically I feel so at peace, energised and balanced. The best therapy and present I could ever give myself. Thanks Clyde for helping me to find myself again.” Siân Richards

Healing for Stress & Depression

“My treatments by Clyde are always very relaxing and I feel very energised afterwards. I can come to his treatment room very stressed or worried and perhaps depressed but the treatment, as soon as it starts, eases the problems and just washes away the stress.  This is a wonderful feeling and Clyde is very gifted – he is also a very relaxing person to be with.” Angela Farrell

Healing for a Liver Condition & Repetitive Strain Injury

Michael Grievson from Llanelli first came to Clyde for help with a liver condition. He was so pleased that he sent his wife Helen who suffered from a repetitive strain injury and her Doctor had said there was not much that he could do.

Helen explains,
“I had pains in the back of my neck and my shoulder. Sometimes the pain was really bad but I still had to meet deadlines so I didn’t have anything to lose by coming to see Clyde.  The healing was a pleasant and relaxing experience. You can feel the heat from his hands, it gets quite hot. I felt quite drowsy. I had about four sessions and the pain gradually eased until it totally went. I wasn’t doing anything else at the time to make it better so it must have been Clyde.” Helen Grievson

Healing for Guilt & Fear

“Thank you Clyde for the amazing healing and belief and feeling work you have carried out for me. I feel like a different woman.  I feel blessed and joyous.  I don’t know yet where life will take me from now but I know that it will be joyful and free from guilt and fear.  God bless you.”  Jeanette

Healing for Knee Injury

“I dislocated my knee and as a consequence my other knee also suffered until I could hardly walk even using sticks.  When I went to Clyde for my first healing treatment I couldn’t stand without the sticks and even then I was shaking uncontrollably.  I should explain that just before I went to Clyde’s I had applied ibuprofen gel to my knees to try to reduce the pain.  When I rubbed the gel in I noticed that something was clearly ‘loose’ or rippled under the skin and it felt serious.  It felt as though one of the ligaments had torn.  I had already been warned by the hospital physiotherapist that it was highly likely that I would need an operation on my knee.  When Clyde was giving my healing I could feel the heat in my knees.  Weirdly I could feel things moving about inside my knee as Clyde gave me  healing. It felt strange but not painful in any way.  I was astonished at the result.  When I returned home I examined my knee closely and the ‘rippling’ had gone and has never returned.  Over the next couple of days my knees continued to improve and I never used the two sticks again.  I continued to see Clyde on a weekly basis and I saw significant improvements after every visit.  Within a couple of treatments I was like a different person!  I am so grateful to him.  It’s solely thanks to Clyde that I recovered quickly as I was deteriorating rapidly until I went to see him and I was not having any other type of treatment.  I do not need to have an operation now. ” Rachel

Healing after Cancer  – “Thank you for being a healer with a difference, who can make a difference”

“Hi Clyde.  I just wanted to let you know the effect the healing today has had for me.

In the past 4 weeks I have had 3 full healing treatments, 2 of those with every experienced healers; 3 short healing treatments at a spiritualist church, 1 mediumship reading and 1 fairly long spirit message at church!!!  But although I would have said that all these were helpful, none of them were able to achieve what you did today.  This experience has made me realise that there are differences between healers and their abilities.

One of the healers did say to me that I needed to realise that I was loved but she wasn’t able to put that love into my body.  My body feels very satisfied and content since you were able to do that.  The whole area around the surgery/implants site is pain-free.  There is a small amount of discomfort where the implants are when I completely fill my lungs, but no restriction of movement and there is no pain going around my back.  This feels quite remarkable to me considering how strong the pain was initially, how much discomfort I have had over the last month and how much fear I had of there being a recurrence of cancer.

I have absolutely no fear of that now.

Incredible and beautiful to experience.

I expect this is also because you were able to pass on the message “I am here to tell Liz that all will be well”.  How fantastic to be told that!

I loved your description of going with your hands and putting love into my organs.  I am going to do it for myself, it could revolutionise my self healing process!  It feels so good to find an answer to something major that is missing and be given a method to rectify it, when you have been wondering where on earth it will be possible to find the solution.

The first time I visited you I recognised a quality coming through you that I thought was very special.  I was only aware of it fleetingly and I don’t know how to describe it, it is something so subtle but I experienced it again in the healing today, maybe in the room itself.  Maybe a communication of grace.  Perhaps an angelic presence.

So thank you for “being a healer with a difference, who can make a difference”.   And for taking the time and care to make sure that the job is done.” Liz

Healing for a Bad Back & Theta Healing Course

“Thank you Clyde for a very inspirational three day course.  The Theta Healing course has opened my eyes and put me back on course.

Thank you too for the healing on my back.  I am still feeling really well and able to get out of bed with creaking and squeaking!” Tricia

Healing for a “Broken Soul”

“A huge thank you to Clyde for clearing my baggage and restoring my “broken soul”.  Today I feel whole again, “at peace” for the first time in a very long time and I know today is “the first day of the rest of my life”.  God Bless.” Celeste

General Healing

“Thank you so much for giving me some lovely healing and making me feel better.” Kit

Healing & Courses

“Thank you Clyde for the beautiful healings for myself and my two dogs and my horse, the theta healing and the Reiki and angelic healing,thank you for always holding us in compassion and love. I have been so inspired by you that I joined your Shangrala Courses (which I thoroughly enjoyed ) and have now completed and qualified in Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 and Theta Healing Basic DNA and Theta Healing Advanced DNA. Thank you for bringing the light back into my life. much love and gratitude” Ruth Shohanna