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angel healingTheta healing one of the most powerful healing techniques available

My name is Dr Clyde Hughes and I am qualified in many types of healing including Theta Healing.   Theta DNA Soul Healing is a new formula to healing.  It is believed to be one of the most powerful and profound forms of healing available.  It works to release you from all karma and core beliefs.  It also re-activates your DNA and restores physical well-being and health Theta healing can alleviate a wide variety of ailments, problems and conditions. It works well for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  It is also an excellent treatment for animals.  I also run regular Theta DNA Practitioners courses throughout the year from my Shangrala Healing Centre in Swansea, South Wales.


Vianna Stibal is the founder of this technique which she used to heal herself of a terminal disease.   Vianna is a renowned naturopath and intuitive healer based in the USA.   Theta Healing has been in use since 1995 and is used around the world.

What Is Involved with Theta Healing

I hold a consultation with each client to understand their particular concerns or health issues.  If appropriate I perform hands-on theta healing which involves the client either lying on the treatment couch or sitting in a chair.   This is very relaxing and helps to clear any blockages in the aura and chakras as well as boosting the flow of energy around the body.   Afterwards we start to discuss the beliefs or emotional patterns which may lay behind your condition.    These blocks can be held deep in your subconscious mind and you may be unaware of them.   Clients are often surprised by what Theta Healing can uncover.   By using muscle testing (kinesiology) we work together to identify these beliefs.   Once the problem beliefs are discovered I use meditation to remove these beliefs.   The client does not need to do anything just relax.   Further muscle testing is used to check that the belief has been removed.  You may require more than one session.  Please note that we cannot guarantee success but I always promise to do my very best to help.


Testimonial from Vianna Stibal the founder of Theta Healing to Dr Clyde Hughes,

 “Clyde, you are an Amazing Healer.”

My Own Introduction to Theta Healing – Angels told me course would change my life

I was crippled with a spinal condition for 15 yrs and taking 36 painkillers a day, just to get out of bed. I am now pain free off medication and completely healed.

This is how i did it.  One day my wife said that there was an animal communication course in the Isle of Man with a famous animal communicator.  I said I would love to go but don’t know if I can afford it.  The next day I was sitting meditating and an angel said to me,  “you must go on this course, it will change your life, the money will be given to you.”

I was so excited asI thought I was going to be an amazing animal communicator.  I had been healing a cat for 6 months and the owner kindly gave me a donation which enabled me to go on the course.

When I arrived at the course, I was very disappointed the course was not very good.  So I said to my angels, “why have you dragged me all the way out here?  This course is not going to change my life.  I think you’ve got this one wrong!”.

The course was residential and over dinner one evening I met a lovely couple.   They explained that they did Theta Healing. They said, “You look in pain. Would you like some theta healing?”   I said yes please.   After the healing the pain went away and i was amazed.

A day later the pain returned but I was so impressed that it had gone for a whole day that I knew there was a powerful form of healing.   I asked them would they train me to be a Theta Healer.  So I went on their basic and advanced practitioners courses. As part of my training they told me I needed to work on my beliefs as I had some beliefs that kept pulling the illness back.

 So for a year a worked on my own beliefs such as “I deserve to suffer, Jesus suffered so to be a healer should I suffer” and “I deserved to be punished” and “I deserved to be poor” and so on.  I discovered I had a lot of deeply held beliefs that I was not aware of but these beliefs were causing problems in my life including my pain.  No wonder I was ill !   After clearing all these blocks and fears on the sub conscious level, I am now completely cured.  I am not in any pain and off medication.  And I have returned to teaching karate and practicing yoga after 10 years which is astonishing.

So the angels were correct – the money was given to me and going on the animal communication course changed my life.

I am now  qualified as an  Advanced Certified Theta DNA Healer and Teacher and Life Coach, and running Theta DNA Practitioners courses throughout the year, to help people heal themselves of illnesses as I did.

If you would like our help, these treatments and courses are available at our Shangrala Healing Centre in Swansea in South Wales.   Animals are also warmly welcomed for theta healing. cost for healing from  £75. for people and £75. for animals 

Please telephone today for an appointment or more information on 01792 791641 or click here to email me at