Distant Healing

What is Distant or Absent Healing?

Testimonial“I settled on a phone healing session with Clyde due to distance. I did not know what to expect but found his gentleness, compassion and skill enabled him to quickly “see” where I was hurting physically and emotionally and to help me. I hope to have more treatments with Clyde in the future”. Kath B.

It is possible to send healing energies over any distance. If you or a loved one (human or animal) is in need of healing then I would be pleased to help.   This is an in-depth healing treatment which takes about an hour.  I need a photograph of the recipient to be able to focus upon them.  Most of my treatments can be carried out distantly.   I also offer healing via telephone.  Please contact me for information about this service.

The cost for distant healing is £60 for people and £40 for animals and pets.

Step 1

Please complete the Distant Healing Booking form below.

Step 2

Email me a photograph of the person or animal who needs healing.

Step 3

Payment is required via Paypal, credit or debit card. Alternatively you can post me a cheque made payable to Clyde Hughes.

I will be in touch to confirm that your healing request has been received.  I will let you know when the healing will take place.

Please note that I cannot offer any guarantee that the healing will work but I will do my best to help.  Please note that more than one treatment may be necessary and we suggest having four depending on the condition.  We will welcome your feedback and ask that you keep us informed of  their progress.

Step 1 – Request for Distant Healing

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Step 2 – Photograph

Please send me a photo of the person or animal who needs healing.  Photos should be emailed to clyde.hughes@btopenworld.com Please put the person or animal’s name in the email to avoid confusion.

Step 3  – Payment

Please click the Donate button below to send payment of £60 for a person and £40 for an animal.   Healing will not take place until payment is received.  You can also send a cheque payable to Clyde Hughes at the address shown on the Contact page.