Healing for Animals

Healing for Animals

“I am an experienced animal psychic  healer and have worked with animals for over 35 years.  If your pet is unwell for any reason please bring him or her for healing.  The results for animals can be amazing.  If your vet has told you that your dog or other pet is terminally ill please bring him/her along and please give me the chance to try to save his life.  I have cured many animals that were close to death so please give them a chance.  I can’t guarantee results because every case is different but I’ll try 110% to save them.

A new technique which I now use with animals is Theta Healing which has excellent results.  It works on the animals’ physical, emotional, DNA and soul levels.  We can ‘download’ to animals what it feels like to be loved, to feel safe and to feel well.  Our clinic is based on a farm so it is an animal friendly area where you can park right outside the clinic entrance.  I have performed healing on a range of animals including dogs, cats and horses. If your pet is unwell I would gladly try to help him by giving him healing.”

Clyde Hughes

The Daily Mail article 29th May 2018

Magical healers who ‘cured’ these pets after vets had written them off: Sounds barking? These owners were sceptical too – until their animals defied the odds

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5780735/Magical-healers-cured-pets-vets-written-off.html#ixzz5GuhKeU8


Here are just a couple of testimonials from pet owners > read more healing testimonials from pet owners

Aris Lurcher

I first brought my 12 year plan lurcher Aris to clyde in may 2016 in desperation,  having read Clyde’s website . Aris had suddenly started suffering with sciatica and had been giveno 3 different types of painkillers . Vets had suggested that I should consider euthanasia for aris if each of the 3 painkillers did not work , which caused me terrible distress as I new in my heart that he was not ready to go . The medications did not work and seemed to be making him much worse not better.

He was restless and unhappy I nursed himy during this time  I wad ready to try anything. I prayed and asked for help and remembered that some months before I had seen the Shangrala website.

After the initial appointment with clyde, Aris began to get better. I was able to stop all medications.  Clyde is very gentle and caring get towards aris and treats him as a special being and always explains things to me.

I learn something new each time we attend and I feel relived that someone u derstands how important aris is .

So actually I feel  better to !

Getting good arise to a decent state of health and restoring his quality of life seems to be very important to clyde which was different to the vets which took the medical approach only.

I feel aris is now much better 5 months on without any medication and with monthly treatments at Shangrala Healing Centre Swansea.

I felt that as well,  as getting arise better,  Clyde’s treatment have given me valuable time with my precious senior dog.

Back in may , I had somehow got talking to a total stranger in neath about Aris and his treatments and the lady said to me !! I took my little dog to clyde you are in safe hands there, because that’s what you want isnt it ? Peace for them towards the end of Thier lives !!

I do honestly feel that we  (aris and me his owner ) are in “safe hands” with Dr Clyde Hughes and I would recommend and have recommended Clyde to others with out hesitation. SO THANK YOU CLYDE , I will always be grateful for the time you have given me with my boy

Rhian  Marston Neath

August 2016

Doodles the Cat –June 2010

Hi Clyde,  I just want to thank you.  My cat Doodles was losing weight for a long while and frequent visits to the vets and blood tests showed up nothing.  It was said that she could be suffering from stress due to the loss of our other cat a few months previously.  I woke up during the night 4 months ago and found her to be having breathing difficulties and took her to the vets first thing in the morning.  She had x-rays and tests and was diagnosed with leukaemia 2 days later. The tumour was very large in her chest cavity, impeding on her heart, lungs, kidneys and also an enlarged spleen.  I was told that she was days from dying, but that they would try chemotherapy and steroids to see if it could help at all. (Although now the vet tells me they did not think there was any hope).   That night I found Clyde Hughes’ website and asked Clyde for healing for her, which he very promptly replied, to say he would be delighted to help.  After the first session of chemo the vet x-rayed her and they were amazed to see how the tumour had shrunk and she had so much more room for her vital organs to work in.  She is still having monthly chemo and is on steroids but the vet said “she is a little walking miracle and I have no doubt that the healing that Clyde has and is still giving her is that miracle”.   She has a wonderful quality of life at the moment and is out running around after the dog in the garden daily.  I thank Clyde from the bottom of my heart for his healing and the opportunity to help my precious cat, and thank you again.   Alison and Doodle the cat

Bruno the Dog – May 2010

I brought my dog Bruno for healing in Nov 2009 as he was really ill with liver and kidney disease.  The vets put him on tablets to help him but said there was no cure for him.  They gave him approx 6 months to live.  Blood tests from the vets revealed his liver was 500 % above normal. A fter having healing for a few months I took him back to the vets for more tests, and to the vets amazement his liver and kidneys are back to normal .  He told me that the tablets wouldn’t have done that and that it was from the healing.  Considering that he is 16 yrs old, he is doing brilliantly and he is now more like a 10 yr old dog. I am very pleased with how well he is doing and owe a very big thank you to Clyde.

Advice for Cats with Bladder Conditions

Some people have found that the following information can be helpful.   If you have a cat who suffers from cystitis or any bladder condition then pick some dandelion leaves from your garden, add some boiling water, leave to cool and syringe the liquid into your cats mouth.   Also add this liquid to their food as it is a natural duretic.  This is what cats would eat if they felt ill when living wild.

To book an appointment or if you would like any further information on the treatment for animals please ring my Office on 01792 791641

Best wishes,

Dr Clyde Hughes S.N.H.S.Dip Hypnotherapy
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5780735/Magical-healers-cured-pets-vets-written-off.html#ixzz5GuhKeU8F