Healing Treatments

Shangrala Healing Treatments

healing candleI provide a range of healing treatments at my Shangrala Healing Centre in Swansea, South Wales.  I also offer distant healing. > read more about distant healing

My treatments are suitable for people and pets so if you or your animals are feeling unwell, stressed or run down or if you would just like to try healing please contact me for further information.  Please scroll down for details of my healing treatments.

Treatment Cost

All healing treatments are £75.00 per hour. For healing at the Shangrala Healing Centre we accept payment via cash or cheque.  For distant healing you can pay online via Paypal or credit card . Payment is required in advance for distant healing. If paying by Paypal please click on the family and friends button so that the correct payment is made

Important Message:
My master Spirit Guide Oartho has asked me to pass on this message to everyone:”Spirit wants you to ask for help if you are feeling down or depressed. You don’t have to face things on your own, Spirit is there to help you. They want to help you but you must ask for their help. If you have a problem ask your Guides for help. We all have Guides around us waiting to help but you have to ask for that help.”

What is Involved in a Healing Session?

Each new client has a consultation.  Then I ask my client to lie on the treatment couch.  This couch is specially designed to support the body.  If you are unable to lie down please let me know.   There is no need to remove any clothing apart from your shoes.    I use relaxing healing music, candles and crystals to assist with the healing process.   During the session all you have to do is relax and enjoy the experience.   Some clients are so relaxed that they nod off!  The treatment lasts about 1 hour.   After the session we discuss the treatment and results.

Below is a brief explanation of the different types of healing and services that I can provide.  If you are new please just book an appointment and we can discuss your needs and the best form of healing to suit you.

Chakra Cleansing and Re-Balancing

I use my psychic abilities to see if your chakras (energy points) are blocked or out of balance.  Then I work on each chakra to cleanse and repair them for you.  If your chakras are out of balance you can feel drained of energy, lifeless, lack drive and ambition in your life and often feel depressed.  Balancing and repair of the chakras brings a new sense of joy and purpose to your life with added vitality.

chakrasEnergy Scanning and Repair

Psychically I scan your entire energy system in the body to find any energy blocks that need to be released and cleared.  I then replace these blocks with vital energy.

Theta DNA Healing and Soul Healing Life Coaching

For more information please visit our Theta Healing page

Spiritual Healing

As a Spiritual Healer, I work with my family of Spirit Guides.  These Guides use the Healer as a channel to transfer their chi energy through the Healer to the patient.

“A huge thank you Clyde for clearing my baggage and restoring my “broken soul”. Today I feel whole again, “at peace” for the first time in a very long time. God Bless” Celeste

Angel Healing

Angel healing is the same but instead of Spirit Guides, Angels work with the Healer to channel their energy to the client.

Reiki & Seichim Healing

The healing attuned to this energy is like tuning a radio to a certain channel.  The Healer connects with this energy and channels it to the client.   We also run Reiki and Seichim courses throughout the year for people who would like to learn how to use this healing energy for themselves and others > healing courses

Life Coaching

I work with athletes, business people and the general public to release limiting beliefs and fears that hold them back from achieving their goals in life.

Intuitive Healing

This is when the body is scanned and the healing energy is directed to those areas that are holding energy blocks and trapped emotions which are then released.

Mediumship Readings

As a psychic I am able to tune into your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides or loved ones in spirit.  I cannot promise that I can connect to specific individuals.  Your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones can relay information which  can help you to make sense of what is going on in your life.

““Thank you Clyde for the beautiful healings for myself and my two dogs and my horse, the theta healing and the Reiki and angelic healing,thank you for always holding us in compassion and love. I have been so inspired by you that I joined your Shangrala Courses (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and have now completed and qualified in Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 and Theta Healing Basic DNA and Theta Healing Advanced DNA. Thank you for bringing the light back into my life. Much love and gratitude” Ruth Shohanna

House Healing / Removal of negative spirits and demons

This is were i dowse to check the house for negative energies and then work at removing them from the house , then filling the houses energy with divine love .
This brings about a sense of peace and happiness to your home -This can also be done distantly – please contact me directly for costs


This is a wonderful healing process.  Through accessing your subconscious mind, hypnotherapy can help you to learn how to react differently to certain situations and help you to understand the development mechanisms of your mind.  This can help with releases of past life experiences which are still having a detrimental impact on the present.  You can’t erase and forget the past but you can learn to feel differently about it.  It also helps with stress related problems and phobias.

Pyschic Counselling

If you need help to deal with life’s difficulties, I can help you to release your problems, fears, phobias and emotional blockages.  This can bring harmony and joy into your life.


If you are experiencing any disruption or negative energy in your home or property, then I can help.  Just send me a photo or plan of the property and I can then dowse to find the disruption or negative energy and remove this and resolve this problem for you.  There is a cost for this service.  Please ask for details.

Hatha Yoga

This balances mind, body and spirit using using stretching, relaxation and breathing techniques.  Classes are run by my wife Anne.  Please visit her website www.walesyoga.com for information. currently all yoga classes are  running online

jettyLords of Karma

These govern our karma debts. By contacting them I can ask for my clients’ karma debt to be released. It sounds easy but there is more to it than that.

Ascended Masters

The Healing is the same as with Spiritual but the Guides are very high ranking in the Spirit World. I am very honoured that I work with these Masters and I thank all my Guides for their help.


If you have any questions about any of my services, I am more than happy to answer them. Please ring me on 01792 791641 or click here to email me at clyde.hughes@btopenworld.com