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Angelic Dowsing -The path to divine healing

Angelic Dowsing -The path to divine healing

NEW BOOK LAUNCHED BY AUTHOR Clyde Hughes  Angelic Dowsing – The path to divine healing – Learn how to heal people and animals 

NEW DVD LAUNCHED BY CLYDE HUGHES more details to follow

The following article appeared in the South Wales Evening Post.

“Touched by the hands of a spiritual healer”

Dr Clyde Hughes“My Spirit Guide is with me all the time, he’s standing right beside me now”, says healer Clyde Hughes in a matter-of-fact voice.  I glance over his shoulder to where he’s pointing but can’t see anything.  I don’t know what I expected a spiritual healer to look like, but it wasn’t this.  Clyde is a clean-shaven businessman in his 40s wearing a suit and tie under his white coat. When he’s not healing, he runs an industrial cleaning company and a wedding car firm.

“But healing has always been my first love, my real passion”, he says. After twenty years practising the craft, he has now set up the Shangrala healing Centre at his small holding near Llansamlet in Swansea.  He first realised he had a talent for healing after attending a spiritualist church with his grandparents.

“I joined a medium circle where you practise different skills like clairvoyance. I was drawn to healing and felt good at it, ” he explains.

At around the same time he got involved in karate, eventually become a 2nd Dan black belt.

“I started doing martial arts which also uses chi energy, the same energy you use in healing.”

skyatduskYears of spiritualist courses and training followed during which time he discovered his family of guides, portraits of whom are on the walls of his treatment room.

“We all have guides but you need tutoring so that you can contact your own guide, ” he adds.

A healer works by keeping the Ki (or Chi) – our natural energy – flowing freely through our bodies. A session with Clyde starts with him scanning the body by passing his hands about an inch over your clothes as you lie on his treatment table.

healing candle“I run my hands through your aura and sometimes can feel hot or cold areas. Energy flows like blood does. If someone has a blockage it’s like looking at a stream with a stick in it and seeing the water flowing around the stick. I can see the energy going around these red areas.  I push chi energy into their body. I can see it going it. The client often feels hot or cold and can get quite drowsy.” he adds.

Clyde says he can help with all sorts of ailments from stomach problems to a lack of energy. However 90% of his clients come to him suffering from depression or stress.

“I never interfere with what doctors are doing. Because its natural, healing can work along side anything. You haven’t even got to believe in it to work, as long as you want to be healed.”

This article, by Abigail Hart, appeared in the Body & Soul supplement of the South Wales Evening Post on 20th January 2004.

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