Healing for People

Healing Treatments in South Wales for People

healing candle“If you are feeling unwell, run down or are suffering from an illness, then I would like to try to help.  I also offering healing to anyone who isn’t ill but would like to use healing to help to maintain their wellbeing and avoid illnesses.  It is very relaxing.  My healing treatment works well alongside conventional medicine.  I do not advocate using healing as an alternative to any medication or treatment recommended by your Doctor.   However healing is very natural and can help a wide range of ailments and illnesses.

For example some of my patients are suffering from stress and anxiety, others have serious illnesses or life-threatening conditions.  But healing can help all, some more than others, but there is always hope.

Healing is a very relaxing experience which channels life energy through your body.  It cannot harm and it is definitely worth a try.  To learn more about how it works please visit my Healing Treatments page.  If you are not sure which type of healing is best for you then just book an appointment and we can discuss your requirements when we meet.

If you would like to read comments from my patients please visit my Testimonials page.”

Best wishes

Dr Clyde Hughes  R.H.INHA   S.N.H.S.Dip Hypnotherapy

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To book an appointment please ring me on 01792 791641 or ring or text me on 07710381999.   All healing appointments take place at my Shangrala Healing Centre in Swansea, South Wales > contact details and map