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Testimonials from the “Healing with Energy Course for Beginners”

Below are a sample of the comments written by people who have attended our popular Healing with Energy Course which is aimed at beginners.   No previous knowledge or ability in spiritual matters is required.  This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in spiritual development and healing and wants to learn about different spiritual topics in a small, friendly group.

Please let us know asap if you are interested in the next course as places are very limited.

The venue is the Shangrala Healing Centre in Swansea, South Wales.  The course runs one evening per fortnight for a year.

We ask everyone who attends this course to complete a feedback form.  Here are just some of their comments from this form.

Course Content

“Exceptional, very interesting and varied with emphasis on hands on learning.”
“A good cross section of subjects, very comprehensive, very practical.
Clyde was there every step of the way and was always prepared to repeat, demonstrate and support again and again”

Benefits gained from attending the course

“Developed personally, feel really confident”

“Meeting like-minded people and discussing psychic/ spiritual matters”

“Greater insight into spirituality”

“Have learnt to control my health problems”

“Being able to feel my healing guide around me”

Highlight of the course

“Group healing”

“Feeling my guides around me”

“Meditation feedback from Clyde about what he could see”

“Closer contact with healing guides and angels”

“Clyde’s description of guides and angels”

“Meeting like minded people on their own spiritual path”

What are you doing differently because of the course?

“I’m doing it again because I enjoyed it so much!”

“Sending healing to family and friends”

“Clearing my chakras and meditating”

“I ask for guidance from angles and my guides daily”

“I aim now to make progress with my healing work”

“Being more disciplined with meditation- developing a deeper relationship with my guides ”

“Grounding and protecting myself”

“I am at peace with the world and myself”

“I try to spread as much love and light as I can”

Any other comments?

“I’ve had a great time”

“Would love to do another year at a higher level”

“Opened my eyes”

“I am no longer afraid to tell people I am a healer”

“Will miss the class and the friends I’ve made”


“It has lifted me spiritually and physically onto a much higher level”

“Thank you Clyde for sharing your knowledge, having patience, and understanding and guiding me in the right direction”