The Super Pouch Bag

The Super Pouch Bag for Gym Leisure Holiday Beach or a Bike Bag The Super pouch water bottle

Key features  

Waterproof material keeping various products dry and safe with a strong zip.

Velcro Straps which can attach to pieces of gym equipment, Treadmill, Bikes etc

Velcro straps which can attach to bicycles, your wrists, your belt or a water bottle

Available in 3 Colours Black Yellow or Pink

Can be used in Speed Boats in the home office or take it on holidays

The Super Pouch Bag

Product Description


 The Amazing New Bag is made of waterproof material and is available in 3 colours Black Yellow or Pink.

 It has Velcro straps which can be used to attach to items or equipment with a strong zip ensuring products are kept safe.

The size is appox 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches .

The Super Pouch bag has many uses it can hold CDs and DVDs, Phone, Money , Keys etc .

The Super Pouch Bag can attach to pieces of gym equipment, treadmills, bikes in the gym etc by using the Velcro straps which enables you to listen to your own music whilst keeping phone, keys, money etc safe whilst also holding your water bottle.

 On a bike it fits to the handle bars or around the frame enabling you to listen to music, holding any keys, phone or money etc along with your water bottle being safely secured.

 You can attach the super pouch bag to your water bottle or to your wrist so you don’t have to be without your phone, money etc.

 On holiday you can attach the super pouch bag to a sun lounger or chair to keep any items safe.

 You can use your super pouch bag on a speed boat as the material is waterproof and the zip is strong keeping your valuables safe and dry.

 In the office car or home you can use it as a tidy all, or you can just use it to keep items safe and secure.A great bag that is easy to use… A great Bag to keep crystals etc safe and clean.

Price is £6.99 plus postage £1.95 please email me for information 

 AN AMAZING PRODUCT WITH A LOT OF DIFFERENT USES                                                                                                  leaflet pouch    


             pouch sun lounger       The  super pouch bag

the super pouch bag               the super pouch bag

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