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Aris Lurcher Testimonials for Shangrala Healing Centre Swansea

I first brought my 12 year old lurcher Aris to clyde in may 2016 in desperation,  having read Clyde’s website . Aris had suddenly started suffering with sciatica and had been giveno 3 different types of painkillers . Vets had suggested that I should consider euthanasia for aris if each of the 3 painkillers did not work , which caused me terrible distress as I new in my heart that he was not ready to go . The medications did not work and seemed to be making him much worse not better.

He was restless and unhappy I nursed himy during this time  I wad ready to try anything. I prayed and asked for help and remembered that some months before I had seen the Shangrala website.

After the initial appointment with clyde, Aris began to get better. I was able to stop all medications.  Clyde is very gentle and caring get towards aris and treats him as a special being and always explains things to me.

I learn something new each time we attend and I feel relived that someone u derstands how important aris is .

So actually I feel  better to !

Getting good arise to a decent state of health and restoring his quality of life seems to be very important to clyde which was different to the vets which took the medical approach only.

I feel aris is now much better 5 months on without any medication and with monthly treatments at Shangrala Healing Centre Swansea.

I felt that as well,  as getting arise better,  Clyde’s treatment have given me valuable time with my precious senior dog.

Back in may , I had somehow got talking to a total stranger in neath about Aris and his treatments and the lady said to me !! I took my little dog to clyde you are in safe hands there, because that’s what you want isnt it ? Peace for them towards the end of Thier lives !!

I do honestly feel that we  (aris and me his owner ) are in “safe hands” with Dr Clyde Hughes and I would recommend and have recommended Clyde to others with out hesitation. SO THANK YOU CLYDE , I will always be grateful for the time you have given me with my boy

Rhian  Marston Neath

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