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Reiki Courses Swansea with Clyde Hughes

Reiki level 11 course held in Swansea will be running on 22 nd April 2018 at shangrala healing centre with Clyde Hughes

please contact Clyde for information on the course

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Reiki Courses with Clyde Hughes


Clyde Hughes will be running Reiki courses during March April and May 2018 at Shangrala healing centre Swansea South Wales

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Since originating in Japan, Reiki has been adapted into varying cultural traditions across the world. 

Reiki is a therapy often described as palm healing or hands-on-body healing in which a practitioner places hands lightly on or over a patient’s body to facilitate the patient’s process of healing.

Reiki combines the Japanese and Chinese word-characters of “rei” (spiritual or supernatural) and “ki” (vital energy). One of the basic ideas held by those who practice Reiki is that this vital energy can be channelled to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself

First Degree Reiki  

In many ways, the Reiki first degree course is the most exciting because this is when you will be introduced to the energy for the first time and you will be presented with the opportunity to develop yourself spiritually by learning to carry out specific daily meditations and self-treatment meditations. You will also learn the skills necessary to carry out an effective Reiki treatment on family and friends.

Second degree reiki

Many students find that after completing the first degree they simply wish to: Take their studies further and learn even more about Reiki. Become a professional practitioner and learn how to treat clients and be able to have access to professional insurance.



This course is suitable for someone who wishes to develop themselves further by becoming familiar with the two master symbols as well as several other symbols. By studying this course an individual will learn to strengthen their ability to channel Reiki even further.

This course is also suitable for someone who would wish to teach Reiki to others. This is a wonderful opportunity to be able to meet like-minded people and be able to pass all of your knowledge and experience on to others

Please contact me for dates and availability

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Clyde Hughes Healer in Swansea wales

Shangrala Healing Centre TreatmentsDr Clyde Hughes

I provide a range of healing treatments at my Shangrala Healing Centre in Swansea, South Wales. I also offer distant healing.

My treatments are suitable for people and pets so if you or your animals are feeling unwell, stressed or run down or if you would just like to try healing please contact me for further information

Below is a brief explanation of the different types of healing and services that I can provide. If you are new please just book an appointment and we can discuss your needs and the best form of healing to suit you.

Chakra Cleansing and Re-Balancing
I use my psychic abilities to see if your chakras (energy points) are blocked or out of balance. Then I work on each chakra to cleanse and repair them for you. If your chakras are out of balance you can feel drained of energy, lifeless, lack drive and ambition in your life and often feel depressed. Balancing and repair of the chakras brings a new sense of joy and purpose to your life with added vitality.

Chakras Energy Scanning and Repair
Psychically I scan your entire energy system in the body to find any energy blocks that need to be released and cleared. I then replace these blocks with vital energy.

Theta DNA Healing and Soul Healing Life Coaching
This healing treatment works on limited beliefs

Spiritual Healing
As a Spiritual Healer, I work with my family of Spirit Guides. These Guides use the Healer as a channel to transfer their chi energy through the Healer to the patient.

Angel Healing
Angel healing is the same but instead of Spirit Guides, Angels work with the Healer to channel their energy to the client.

Reiki & Seichim Healing
The healing attuned to this energy is like tuning a radio to a certain channel. The Healer connects with this energy and channels it to the client.

Life Coaching
I work with athletes, business people and the general public to release limiting beliefs and fears that hold them back from achieving their goals in life.

Intuitive Healing
This is when the body is scanned and the healing energy is directed to those areas that are holding energy blocks and trapped emotions which are then released.

Mediumship Readings
As a psychic I am able to tune into your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides or loved ones in spirit. I cannot promise that I can connect to specific individuals. Your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones can relay information which can help you to make sense of what is going on in your life.

This is a wonderful healing process. Through accessing your subconscious mind, hypnotherapy can help you to learn how to react differently to certain situations and help you to understand the development mechanisms of your mind. This can help with releases of past life experiences which are still having a detrimental impact on the present. You can’t erase and forget the past but you can learn to feel differently about it. It also helps with stress related problems and phobias.

Pyschic Counselling
If you need help to deal with life’s difficulties, I can help you to release your problems, fears, phobias and emotional blockages. This can bring harmony and joy into your life.

If you are experiencing any disruption or negative energy in your home or property, then I can help. Just send me a photo or plan of the property and I can then dowse to find the disruption or negative energy and remove this and resolve this problem for you. There is a cost for this service. Please ask for details.

If you have any questions about any of my services, I am more than happy to answer them. Please ring me on 01792 791641 or click here to email me at clyde.hughes@btopenworld.com
or visit my website

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chakra and aura scanning clyde hughes

chakra and aura scanning

chakra and aura scanning

Clyde will be at the health and well being show on Saturday 11th November and Sunday 12 th November 2017 held at Aberavon leisure centre Port Talbot

Clyde will be carrying out chakra and aura scanning at the show along with launching his new book angelic dowsing – the path to divine healing – how to heal people and animals

please come along and try out this treatment and purchase Clyde new book

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Book Launch Clyde Hughes Angelic Dowsing Healing of people and animals

Angelic Dowsing New book published by Clyde Hughes

Angelic Dowsing -The path to divine healing

Angelic Dowsing -The path to divine healing

Angelic Dowsing Boom launch

Angelic Dowsing
Boom launch

Dr Clyde Hughes shares with you what he has learnt over more than 30 years working as a healer, medium, dowser, space clearer and exorcist.

Meet the author at the aberavon beach leisure centre on Saturday 11 th November and Sunday 12 th November 2017

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Angelic Dowsing The path to divine healing How to heal people and animals

Angelic Dowsing -The path to divine healing

Angelic Dowsing -The path to divine healing


Angelic Dowsing -The path to divine healing

Angelic Dowsing -The path to divine healing

ANGELIC DOWSING – THE PATH TO DIVINE HEALING . LEARN HOW TO HEAL PEOPLE AND ANIMALS…Author Clyde Hughes Available to purchase TODAY either on Amazon or direct from the author.
Clyde Hughes shares with you what he has learnt over more than 30 years working as a healer, medium, dowser, space clearer and exorcist.

Clyde runs an animal healing sanctuary and all proceeds from this book will go to help run his sanctuary. I have had amazing things happen to me over the years; some good; some bad, which I’ll share with you in this book.

This book teaches you how to perform healing on people and animals, how to dowse from start to finish and how to locate by dowsing your Spirit Animals, Guides and Angels.

This book includes a powerful chakra clearing meditation and a clearing protection prayer from Arch Angel Uriel.

Clyde shares with you case studies of miraculous healings.

I use divining rods and the pendulum to actually locate energy blocks in the body and to locate blocked chakras.

This book teaches you to find any negative energy /spirits that have attached to you which can bring ill health and exhaustion. Are you feeling depressed and drained of energy and cannot shut your mind off ? Find out what could be causing it with this book.

Clyde will show you HOW TO – Dowse from start to finish. Select and programme your divining instruments . Find energy blocks in your body. Check crystals for negative vibrations and how to clear them . Check your aura and chakras for blocks or damage. Check your beliefs..find out what your subconscious mind is thinking. Check yourself for curses and vows that can bring you poverty bad luck and illness. How to set a Crystal healing grid. Find out how to locate your guardian angel and how to do smudging and space clearing.

If you would like more information on this book please feel free to contact the author .
If you would like to order your copy today please visit amazon books and put in the title Angelic Dowsing available in paperback or kindle 
Or meet the author clyde hughes at the natural living health and wellbeing show on Sat 11 th and 12th November at Aberavon leisure and fitness centre books will be available to purchase at this event


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Testimonial animal healer clyde hughes swansea

Aris Lurcher Testimonials for Shangrala Healing Centre Swansea

I first brought my 12 year old lurcher Aris to clyde in may 2016 in desperation,  having read Clyde’s website . Aris had suddenly started suffering with sciatica and had been giveno 3 different types of painkillers . Vets had suggested that I should consider euthanasia for aris if each of the 3 painkillers did not work , which caused me terrible distress as I new in my heart that he was not ready to go . The medications did not work and seemed to be making him much worse not better.

He was restless and unhappy I nursed himy during this time  I wad ready to try anything. I prayed and asked for help and remembered that some months before I had seen the Shangrala website.

After the initial appointment with clyde, Aris began to get better. I was able to stop all medications.  Clyde is very gentle and caring get towards aris and treats him as a special being and always explains things to me.

I learn something new each time we attend and I feel relived that someone u derstands how important aris is .

So actually I feel  better to !

Getting good arise to a decent state of health and restoring his quality of life seems to be very important to clyde which was different to the vets which took the medical approach only.

I feel aris is now much better 5 months on without any medication and with monthly treatments at Shangrala Healing Centre Swansea.

I felt that as well,  as getting arise better,  Clyde’s treatment have given me valuable time with my precious senior dog.

Back in may , I had somehow got talking to a total stranger in neath about Aris and his treatments and the lady said to me !! I took my little dog to clyde you are in safe hands there, because that’s what you want isnt it ? Peace for them towards the end of Thier lives !!

I do honestly feel that we  (aris and me his owner ) are in “safe hands” with Dr Clyde Hughes and I would recommend and have recommended Clyde to others with out hesitation. SO THANK YOU CLYDE , I will always be grateful for the time you have given me with my boy

Rhian  Marston Neath

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The Super Pouch Bag

The Super Pouch Bag for Gym Leisure Holiday Beach or a Bike Bag

Waterproof material with a strong zip  Velcro Straps  Available in 3 Colors Black Yellow or Pink Variety of uses cost £6.99 plus postage 

leaflet pouch

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The Super Pouch Bag

The Super Pouch Bag for Gym Leisure Holiday Beach or a Bike Bag The Super pouch water bottle

Key features  

Waterproof material keeping various products dry and safe with a strong zip.

Velcro Straps which can attach to pieces of gym equipment, Treadmill, Bikes etc

Velcro straps which can attach to bicycles, your wrists, your belt or a water bottle

Available in 3 Colours Black Yellow or Pink

Can be used in Speed Boats in the home office or take it on holidays

The Super Pouch Bag

Product Description


 The Amazing New Bag is made of waterproof material and is available in 3 colours Black Yellow or Pink.

 It has Velcro straps which can be used to attach to items or equipment with a strong zip ensuring products are kept safe.

The size is appox 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches .

The Super Pouch bag has many uses it can hold CDs and DVDs, Phone, Money , Keys etc .

The Super Pouch Bag can attach to pieces of gym equipment, treadmills, bikes in the gym etc by using the Velcro straps which enables you to listen to your own music whilst keeping phone, keys, money etc safe whilst also holding your water bottle.

 On a bike it fits to the handle bars or around the frame enabling you to listen to music, holding any keys, phone or money etc along with your water bottle being safely secured.

 You can attach the super pouch bag to your water bottle or to your wrist so you don’t have to be without your phone, money etc.

 On holiday you can attach the super pouch bag to a sun lounger or chair to keep any items safe.

 You can use your super pouch bag on a speed boat as the material is waterproof and the zip is strong keeping your valuables safe and dry.

 In the office car or home you can use it as a tidy all, or you can just use it to keep items safe and secure.A great bag that is easy to use… A great Bag to keep crystals etc safe and clean.

Price is £6.99 plus postage £1.95 please email me for information 

 AN AMAZING PRODUCT WITH A LOT OF DIFFERENT USES                                                                                                  leaflet pouch    


             pouch sun lounger       The  super pouch bag

the super pouch bag               the super pouch bag

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Cape Verde Islands Sal Apartment for rental on Melia Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa

Cape Verde islands Sal The Melia Tortuga beach resort and spa
If you would like to make a booking or would like further information on availability please visit www.capeverdeislandsapartments.co.uk or contact us directly via telephone or email as listed on the contacts page

Cape Verde Islands Sal , situated on the 5 star Melia Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa
We have a luxury self catering apartment called the Blue Lagoon which is located in the 5 star Tortuga Beach Resort & Spa on Sal in Cape Verde which opened in May 2011. Our apartment is unique as it sleeps up to 6 people in two large bedrooms and a comfortable leather sofa bed in the living room.
It also has two bathrooms.

It is only approx 10 minutes drive from the airport in Sal.
Tortuga Resort is in a quiet beach front location within easy walking distance of the town of Santa Maria which is the main tourist town on Sal. By night Santa Maria boasts a lively atmosphere with a good choice of bars and restaurants.

The Blue Lagoon Apartment – Sleeps up to 6
Our apartment is a spacious 2 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms and it is situated on the top floor with a large balcony and partial sea views.
It differs from other apartments on the resort as it is a deluxe apartment with additional facilities and personal touches. For example while the other apartments are furnished identically we have decorated our apartment with unique and interesting artwork sourced by the owners from local artists. This helps to create a relaxing ambience and a feel for the local culture.
We have also purchased a second leather sofa for the living room to ensure that there is ample seating for a group of up to 6 people. Normally there is just one sofa provided but we felt this was insufficient for our guests. The additional sofa converts to a comfortable double bed if required. The Blue Lagoon is also unique in that we have balcony seating for 6 people rather than the standard 4 seats. Additional touches include vanity mirrors with shelving in the bedrooms. We have also carefully prepared a welcome folder which details important local information such as emergency numbers, local restaurants and ideas for days out and excursions

This is a stunning 5 star resort situated on an impressive beachfront location with spectacular landscaped gardens and lush green areas. It is popular with celebrities who enjoy the luxurious facilities and amazing scenery. Danielle Lloyd, Katie Price and Mary Berry are just a few of the British celebrities who have stayed in recent years.
The resort includes a 5 star Sol Melia hotel with full facilities which can be used by our guests. The fantastic Tortuga facilities include 2 freshwater swimming pools, 4 restaurants including a Mediterranean / Italian brassiere, sports restaurant, spa and beach club.
The Tortuga Beach Resort has 4 bars including the lobby bar, sports bar, beach bar and swim up pool bar.
There is also a children’s pool and children’s mini club, a luxury spa, gym with state of the art equipment, regular evening entertainment, 24hr reception / concierge and a variety of shops.
As you walk from your apartment through the immaculately kept lush green gardens, towards the beach you will pass 2 freshwater pools. Upon arriving at the beach you are met with miles of golden sand and a beautiful blue sea.
Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa is a little bit of paradise. It offers a great mix of adult facilities plus separate children’s pool and children’s mini club providing activities to be enjoyed throughout the day, making this resort suitable for couples and families.
The perfect holiday location ON The Beautiful Island of Sal

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My name is Dr Clyde Hughes and I am an experienced healer based in Swansea, South Wales in the UK.

If you have found my website via this blog please take a look around. I provide a wide range of healing and spiritual treatments including distant healing for people and pets who are unable to travel to my Shangrala Healing Centre.